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130+ Proven Church Growth Ideas

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Do you need fresh, contemporary, non-denominational ideas, both large and small ...

for growing your church?

This new ebook is jam-packed with ideas.

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Church Growth

You know you need to be thinking about growing your church. Planning a growth strategy. Preparing for the growth. The additional members. The larger budget. The expanded ministry.

But there are so many details and time requirements involved with managing your church every day that you probably don't have the time or the energy to think about church growth.

We have pulled together a concise list of 130+ tips and techniques that growing churches are using today.

Here's a list that will give you a quick headstart.

A jumping off point if you will on multiple fronts. A little something to get your creative juices kicked into gear.

Take the ideas that other successful churches are using and adapt them to your needs,

your environment,

your community,

your ministry.

 From the book: #32 - What do visitors see when they arrive?
  • Try this – pretend you’re a visitor and step inside your church for the first time. What do you see when you first walk in the door? Are the colors warm and inviting? Is everything clean? Do the walls and ceilings need painting? Is it inviting and attractive? What do the decorations, graphics and symbols say about your ministry? 


Get your copy of all 130+ growth ideas free with the purchase of Working Church church membership software.



Did you know that women primarily make the decision in the household regarding where the family will worship?


What are you doing in your marketing efforts to address that fact?



And, you do see that you are marketing yourself and your ministry don't you?

It's not a bad thing really. It's just a fact of life. We're all in marketing. Every day.

Marketing has been given a bad name, but don't think of it that way.

You're not in the business of crassly promoting some product that you couldn't care less about.

You're marketing the most important thing in the world ... the path to salvation.


And no detail can afford to be overlooked...including such things as -

From the book: Nurseries and Restrooms.

Get your copy of all 130+ growth ideas free with the purchase of Working Church church membership software.

In His Service,

Marty Grant