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Print Church Directories On Your Own Computer

Of the many time-saving and money-saving features built in to Working Church, our complete church membership software solution, what may be the quickest payback for you lies in the ability to print photographic membership directories on your computer.

Imagine for a moment...the freedom, the convenience, the flexibility of printing your own pictorial church directory...on demand. On your schedule. When you want a directory.

Imagine, too, the ability to print church directory "updates" whenever needed. Again, when you want, or need, to print one.

If you would rather not actually print the church directories yourself, you could simply email your formatted, finished pictorial directory pages (via PDF file) to your local copier store and let them do the printing for you. (Staples, Walmart, Walgreen's).

You are free from scheduling around photographers or having your members pressured into buying photographs they might not want or need. Our church software does it all for you.

All you have to do is supply the pictures.

Think how the money you save from producing just one church directory could easily more than pay for this church membership database software.

With Working Church software, you can:

  • Enter, manage, track, and organize church members, visitors and others,  
  • Print church photo directories, 
  • Print text church directories, lists and rosters, 
  • Print church contact lists, 
  • Print member mailing labels, 
  • Organize church business contacts. 

Click on the links below for examples of some of the many types of church pictorial directories that can be printed using your own computers and printers ... for free ... when you use Working Church our church membership software.

2-column Membership Pictorial Directory

3-column Membership Pictorial Directory

4-column Membership Pictorial Directory

1-column Membership Roster

2-column Membership Roster

 Household List

Household Roster

Household Pictorial Directory

Groups - the "hidden gem" to Small Group Management

Does your church encourage and support cell or small group ministries?

Working Church makes organizing them a snap.

Our software allows you to create an unlimited number of groups, or categories, for organizing your church membership and other contacts. 

Other church software programs for member management may require you to live with their predefined groups and categories, for members, cell, or small groups, etc.

But, with Working Church  you are free to create groups such as: Members, Visitors, Cell Groups, Small Groups, Elders, Deacons, Board Members, Men of the Church, Women of the Church, Youth, Suppliers, Vendors ... the list is endless.

Your groups are unique to your ministry.

Place each of your members into as many different groups as they belong, along with dates of membership and other pertinent information.

Then, send emails or print mailing labels for the entire group.

Send schedules of meeting times and places, prayer concerns or general information as often as you like.

All at the click of a button.

We guarantee you will save time and energy by avoiding the confusing task of removing a contact from one database and inserting them into another.

Once you've tried Working Church software for your group and member management needs, we think you will soon agree that our concept of group memberships, with the power and flexibility it puts in your hands, sets a new standard for member management software, and beats any other church attendance, church management software, or membership software products hands down, especially at our affordable price (click here to see).

A free, fully-functional demo of Working Church is available for download. Click the image, or link, below for access.

Small Group Management Software, Cell Group Management Software 

Click here  to get your free demo of Working Church - church membership software.

 member management Member Management

Track members, visitors, groups, households, contributions, tithes, offerings. Print labels, church membership directory, statements, annual giving reports … more


Members/Visitors/Contacts people and contacts

  • Unlimited people/contacts (church members, visitors, vendors – name, multiple mailing addresses, multiple phones, multiple emails, photo, etc.)

  • Unlimited member management ... membership in groups, households

  • Unlimited history (date of baptism, hospital visits, notes, church attendance, donations, etc. – for each contact) 


 Group Memberships group memberships

  • Unlimited groups (elders, visitors, shut-ins, suppliers, etc.)   

Households Households

  • Unlimited households (families) 


Contributions Contributions

  • Unlimited fund types (missions, building, general, etc.)

  • Track contributions by fund type

  • Track contributions by member

  • Balance to deposit totals


library management Library Management

Maintain multiple libraries - books, audio, video, (pastor's separate from church). Print checkout log … more


Book Library book library

  • Make notes regarding topics, sermon usage

  • Track borrowing…to and from others, with date returned

  • Track ownership…church or individual

  • Track collectable, or insurance, value 

Audio Library audio library

  • Record artist, song title by track

  • Make notes regarding content, lyrics

  • Track borrowing…to and from others, with date returned

  • Track ownership…church or individual

  • Track collectable, or insurance, value 


Video Library video library

  • Record actors, chapters by track

  • Make notes regarding topics

  • Track borrowing…to and from others, with date returned

  • Track ownership…church or individual

  • Track collectable, or insurance, value


list management List Management

Keep lists - visitation, prayer, office supplies, to-do, etc. Print lists ... more


Shopping Lists Shopping lists

  • Unlimited number of stores

  • Unlimited number of categories of items for each store

  • Unlimited number of items within each category with estimated cost (optional)

  • Track total estimated cost

  • Print shopping list of only items marked for purchase 



General Purpose Lists General purpose lists

  • Unlimited number of lists, such as prayer, "To Do", visitations, etc.

  • Track priority, status and completion date

  • Auto-fill a list with group membership (such as: list of shut-ins to visit next week)


Events and meetings Event Management

Plan events and meetings - weddings, workshops, board meetings, agendas. Track registration fees. Record attendance. Save minutes. Print calendar of events … more


  • Unlimited categories of events (weddings, banquets, funerals, etc.)

  • Unlimited number of items within each category

  • Record reservations by date, start/end times needed, member name, reason for reservation

  • Automatically reserve Resource Scheduling database items

  • Auto-fill a list with group membership as attendees

  • Track event fee collections (when applicable)

  • Track regularly scheduled meetings and attendance


Resource scheduling Resource Management

Schedule resources - facilities, vehicles, audio and video equipment. Post reservations automatically from Event Planning … more


  • Unlimited categories of resources (rooms, vehicles, audio/visual equipment, etc.)

  • Unlimited items within each category

  • Record reservations by date, start/end times needed, member name, reason for reservation

  • Automatically posts reservations from Events and Meetings


Church financial management Banking and General Ledger

Prepare financial reports - budgets, income, expenses. Print financial statements, budget vs. actual report ... more

  • Unlimited categories of accounts (expenses, income, depreciation, etc.)

  • Track accounts with name, number, category

  • Track transactions for each account by number, date, description and amount

  • Compare current and prior year budgets versus actual expenses for each account



Asset management Asset Management

Manage assets - buildings, vehicles, computers, audio and video equipment. Record repairs. Print depreciation report, disposal lists … more

  • Unlimited categories, statuses, conditions and locations

  • Track purchase price, date purchased, current value, etc.

  • Record model and serial numbers

  • Track maintenance and repairs…date, cost, copies of receipts or checks, and notes

  • Track annual depreciation by year

  • Track sale price and disposal date